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Koroglu - nationall hero (approx . II part 16th century)

One of the leaders of the movement of "Jalaliler". Movement of peasants spread over Turkish cihes, Azerbaijan and other territories at the middle of 16th century - 17th century.

Koroglu was leading one of the Jalali groups in Azerbaijan. As to legend, the real name of Koroglu was Rovshan. There is not so much information in witten sources about Koroglu and his supporters followers in arms. According to some researches, Koroglu was in Khorasan, others Anadollu, as to most researches, Koroglu was active in Ayerbaijan .

Developments connected with Koroglu's name have been made as legends in spoken national literary and it is shown in "Koroglu'' epos. Historical line of the events and personalities has not been broken in the epos, the historical reality as Koroglu, who was brave warrior, author of nice rhymes was talented and lyric poet was saved and kept. Most personalities in the epos (Gizir oglu Musrafa bey, Kosa Safar, Jafar, Hasan Pasha etc ). are the hishorical personalities. Chanlibel fortress was Koroglu's main strong point (there are many fortress called Chanlibel in various territories ) .

The name of Chanlibel is mentioned as living quarter in the sources of 19th century. In the poem "Tarikhler Kitabi" (Book of histories ) written by A.Tabrizli , more than 20 leader's names of Jalali groups , incliding Koroglu are particularlly mentioned Koroglu's bravity and corage in the battle , friend poors, enemy for oppressors made him national hero . Koroglu's many poems are kept in the institute of Manuscript of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

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